Matcha Latte Mix

Our Matcha latte mix is perfectly blended with malt sugar to make velvety matcha lattes with ease. Simply whisk 1 tablespoon into some latte milk (lovely with unsweetened almond or soy). It's also lovely with ice cold milks! 

What is Matcha?
Matcha is a finely ground green tea leaf powder from Japan. Renowned for its use in the historic tea ceremony, it is a vivid green tea valued for its concentrated taste and the health benefits of a high antioxidant content. Tombo Matcha Latte mix is our unique blend of high quality Matcha and sugar for you to enjoy Matcha Latte or Sweet Matcha at home.

Ingredients: Matcha, Sugar, Malt Sugar. Grown and packaged at Maruyama Tea Estate,Japan 

Weight: 120g

Category: matcha, matcha latte

Type: Unknown Type

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